VEGUSH - Vegan Catering


Vegush is a company that specializes on healthy & RAW catering and their target audiences is catering for wedding events, festivals and other event gathering. We strategized how to reach & market to their target client base, and what client they wanted to provide service for. Since Vegush provides healthy & RAW catering, we made the logo feel natural (with the green color) and fun & simple at the same time. Designing a website for them that was engaging to look at and had a menu they could place orders online. 


Logo Design

Identity Design

Website Design


Social Media Graphics

monalisasart mona lisa's art qreative edge brand identity


Vegush was looking for a fun yet natural vibe to their logo. The company is in a location in nature with a distinct tree in the neighborhood. I  designed with the tree in mind the first two. Vegush went with the third option because she liked the simplicity & food aspect up front. 


Vegush wanted a green theme running throughout the website. Simple & easy to navigate, including nice photography of food & nature. They also have a menu online and can order online as well.

monalisasart mona lisa's art qreative edge brand identity