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Qreative Egde Video Media Agency raquella raiz


“The one that had a dream…”


Raquella has energy, enthusiasm and ambition in abundance. 


Previously a hip-hop dance instructor, Raquella realized that her favorite part of the job wasn’t the job at all, it was building something great. So she began to plan a future around the work she truly loved. 


From there, Qreative Edge was born as an idea, and a chance coffee date sealed the deal. 


She’s highly skilled in video marketing, social media and personal brand building. A fan of the spotlight, Raquella has also featured in 3 movies, and gets recognized on occasion. 


Outside of work, Raquella loves to travel. She hopes to see every continent on the planet with her beautiful family, and maybe her drone, too.




“The one who brought breadth & depth...”

Executive Producer 

Shimon has a deep passion for Storytelling, NeuroMarketing, and Client Success. He’s got more than a decade’s experience in Video Production, Marketing, Business Consulting, and Brand Development - for small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike. The team at Qreative are energized by his experience, expertise, and passion.

Shimon’s experience runs deep - he was a founding partner of a top Digital Agency in Colorado, where they produced over 1,500 videos.

Shimon's greatest ambition in life is to heal the world and to fly unassisted - go big, or go home.

Qreative Egde Video Media Agency gabi mischel


“The one to take it to the next level...”

Creative Director

Gabi is a film producer, social media expert, and all round storyteller. 


In her years working in production, she’s put together hundreds of short films. Her work has been seen by thousands of people.


When she’s not creating films, you’re likely to find her in the kitchen using her pastry chef skills to bake up a storm. Or gently encouraging (ok forcing) her husband and adorable dog, Lily, to take photos with her. 


Her goal is to finally make the movie she's always dreamed of.


 “The one that turned the light on…”

Video Editor

Polina is a highly creative and skilled video editor. 


She became curious about Raquella’s plans after observing her personal brand building work on Facebook, and asked if they could meet up. The rest, as they say, is history. 


With extensive experience across a range of video production styles, Polina is able to simultaneously manage multiple projects with great style and professionalism. 


She grew up in Russia, knows 4 languages, and plays several musical instruments. 


Polina’s greatest ambition is to create documentaries that will bring good to this world, changing hearts and minds for the better.


Qreative Egde Video Media Agency polina remez ruth
Qreative Egde Video Media Agency leah bar shalom video content website
 “The one that makes it pop…”
Director of Design

Leah is a true artist. She’s been drawing on the computer in the 90's since she was 7 years old. 
Leah started painting portraits and murals for people in California, and studied Fine Arts in San Francisco, then went to study Graphic Design in Tel Aviv. She’s spent more than a decade helping businesses to visually elevate their brand identity. She also builds websites, brand identities, and does video editing.
Leah has 2 awesome and active kids, and a musical husband, there’s never a dull moment in their home. 
She’s grateful to be working with people and Qreative Edge, where she gets to help many clients to make their business dreams come true!



“The one with a creative eye...”


Yirmiyahu brings creativity and passion into all his projects. 


His core skills are photography and videography. He’s shot products for Hewlett Packard,  photographs for WeWork, and headshots for Our Crowd. He’s also produced videos for Mobile Eye. 


His creative eye, wealth of experience, and technical know-how make him a real asset to the team. 


Yirmiyahu originally hails from Southern California. When he’s not working, you’ll usually find him enjoying the great outdoors on his mountain bike.

Qreative Egde Video Media Agency yirmiyahu vann
Qreative Egde Video Media Agency josh


“The one that brings the magic to a shoot…”

Josh is multi-skilled, as a camera operator, screen director and visual editor. 


As a camera operator, he's worked in TV for One Sport, Keshet, Channels 20, 24, and RRsat. He's also worked on several documentaries, and for major global brands including Huawei and Microsoft. 


Outside of work, he serves in the IDF reserves as a combat medic. 


His big dream is to one day be farming and filming in space. Alongside being the best son, husband, father, friend he can be.



“The one that weaves words with heart...”


Kiera works with words. You’ll usually find her crafting creative and compelling copy to win the hearts and minds of your customers and clients. 


She does this by combining empathy, personality and humour. 


Outside of work, Kiera is interested in psychology, philosophy, spirituality, science, and virtually any other topic that concerns the nature of humanity.


Her ambition is to keep growing - emotionally, psychologically and spiritually - so she can be a driving force for good in the world.

Qreative Egde Video Media Agency kiera tsenti
Qreative Egde Video Media Agency sarah potter


 “The one that writes, draws & makes things…”


Armed with an art degree and a love of the written word, Sarah is a creative spirit. 


She’s got a constant hunger to learn new things around design, video and copywriting.


When she’s not creating, you'll find her negotiating with her dogs, Sterling and Archer. Or at her local stadium watching her beloved soccer team, the Wolverhampton Wanderers. They’re British, like her.


Sarah’s ambition in life is to bring happiness to everyone around her.