In the Oleh Buddy branding system, we wanted to communicate its company's service of being of personal assistance to new immigrants to Israel.  We strategized how to reach their target client base, and how to market to them. The issue is we had to find clients before packing up & moving their lives, so we designed a website to help them in the process, along with reaching out on Social Media to clients and made workshops when they arrived. A distinctive, fun and professional logo and identity helped established connections to people to help spread the word of this service. 


Brand Strategy

Identity Design

Merchandise Design

Website Design

Social Media Manager

monalisasart mona lisa's art qreative edge brand identity


The layout is simple, easy to navigate, colors pleasing for the viewer and clear information for clients to get the details and contacts they need for the service. Also clients can book a meeting online. 

monalisasart mona lisa's art qreative edge brand identity


Simple, slick, modern logo with the color blue used for the look of professionalism. There's a star of David in the middle of the 'B' and the circle in the shape of a speech bubble because the service is about connecting people.